Our team is built from a collection of people who believe in empowering everyone to take charge of their privacy and data security while keeping precious memories safe. One of those bright sparks is Wilson, our Data Analyst whose ability to derive insights from mass amounts of data helps us to develop meaningful change for our users. His commitment to keeping ahead of industry standards, performing compelling digital experimentations, and establishing modified solutions brings exceptional know-how into the Treasure Team.


What do you do at Treasure and how long have you been with the company?

I am the Data Analyst at Treasure. I am responsible for analysing data to derive useful and actionable insights to help the business grow. I joined the company earlier in Feb 2021.


What does a typical day at work look like for you?

At the start of each day, I would review my list of priorities and check on the progress of each task. I have the habit of tracking what I need to do, and I would focus on clearing them one task at a time. My role requires me to build and monitor dashboards and collaborate with both internal and external teams to ramp-up our analytics capabilities.


What did you do prior to starting work at Treasure, and how has that experience influenced you in your current role?

I used to work in the corporate communications department in my previous job before joining Treasure. During my time there, I had always known about my passion in data analytics. I took a huge leap of faith to pursue the Master of IT in Business (MITB) at Singapore Management of University (SMU), which took me 16 months to complete.


During my studies, I had the opportunity to meet people from different backgrounds – industry experts, like-minded peers, aspiring data analysts and data scientists. We all had one thing in common, the passion in chasing our dreams. Gaining new knowledge from coursework, collaborating with fellow peers, and listening to others share their personal experiences all helped to re-affirm my decision to pursue a path into the analytics industry. With the help and support of my career advisors from the SMU Career Office, I was offered an opportunity to intern with Treasure and it led me to where I am now.



What is one thing that has surprised you about cloud storage/security when you started working at Treasure?

Before Treasure, I knew about the existence of cloud storage. What surprised me was how people are actively using multiple cloud storage platforms. However, it can be tedious to maintain and organise your files across various cloud storage platforms. Enter Treasure. With Treasure, you can easily integrate all your cloud storage services into a single platform and organise all your files without having to access each storage individually.


What is an accomplishment you are most proud of since working at Treasure?

We needed a good and reliable way to track engagement and my task was to set up a suitable metric for it. Part of being a Data Analyst is understanding the nature of our data and making sense of it.

I researched on how businesses track engagement, read up on industry standards, perform experimentations and developed proof-of-concepts before coming up with a modified solutionfor the team. This remains to be one of my proudest work!


What do you enjoy most about working at Treasure?

I am grateful to have great colleagues at Treasure. It helps to have people you can trust to depend on whenever you need support. There are many different perspectives within our team which is really amazing for us to build upon our existing product and processes.

I am also grateful for the company to provide great welfare and support for its employees. Joining a start-up is a huge step, especially for anyone who is new. It is probably not going to be a smooth-sailing journey because I am only starting my data analytics career. Taking the first step into the data analytics industry is not easy and knowing that the company cares is really important.


What do you enjoy doing when you are not at work?

When not at work, I love spending time with my partner. She has been a great pillar of support throughout this journey, and I cannot imagine otherwise.

I enjoy love watching anime and playing games such as The Witcher 3, Baldur’s Gate 3 and Tyranny. Such activities help reset my mind before delving back into my role at work.