Why We're Here

Based in London and Singapore, Treasure was started by a team of cybersecurity experts who had spent their careers building the technology that secured the assets of banks, consultancies, telecoms giants and the like. 

With individuals today producing and storing exponentially more content online than they did just half a decade ago, Treasure’s founding team saw the issue of personal privacy and security becoming not just pertinent, but urgent. That’s when Treasure was born.

Challenging Big Tech’s Privacy Paradigm

At Treasure, we see brilliant product design, individual liberties and public safety as one and the same. We optimise for your privacy. That’s because your privacy is just that: yours, not ours.

Team Treasure

“Treasure: a collection of precious things”

Ben Williams


Ina Miranda

Chief Technology Officer

Max Kantelia

Chairman of the Board

Mihee Park

Chief Financial Officer

Alex Ho

Head of Marketing

Deby Sari

Finance Manager

Rodel Miguel

Head of Engineering

Senthuran Doraisingam

Customer Support Representative

Rudy Moniaga

DevOps Engineer

Prashanth Janakiraman

Test Lead


Frontend Developer

Wilson Low

Data Analyst

Kerina Lim

Human Resource Manager

Yonathan Adipradana

Senior Security Software Engineer

John Cinco

Senior Mobile Application Developer

Sunil Samtani

DevOps Architect

Sugirdha Vaithyanathan

iOS Developer

Carlos Wallhead

Partnerships Manager

Nithiya Shanmugam

Scrum Master
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