Treasure - Team - Yonathan

Our team is built from a collection of people who believe in empowering everyone to take charge of their privacy and data security while keeping precious memories safe. One of those bright sparks is Yonathan, our Senior Security Software Engineer whose attention to detail and passion for always learning new things brings unique insight into the world of software security.



What do you do at Treasure and how long have you been with the company?

I have been here for under 3 years, around the same time Treasure’s entity was created from Anquan. In the early days, I was mostly developing the vault product, especially on the lower-level c/c++ module. A few months after the cloud storage project was initiated, I transitioned to help the back-end development for this cloud storage, while still occasionally overseeing and maintaining the vault.

What is one thing that has surprised you about cloud storage/security when you started working at Treasure?

I initially didn’t have a lot of knowledge around security nor the inner workings of cloud storage before joining this company. Of course the cloud storage project (and the idea of it) also hadn’t existed yet when I started working here. When you don’t know much, it’s hard to be surprised – due to not having much preconception in the beginning. It’s mostly continuous step-by-step learning from zero to now.

What’s an accomplishment you’re most proud of since working at Treasure?

When we were gunning for FIPS certification for the vault product. I needed to modify and engineer some portion of the software triad that we were using: [main OpenSSL + OpenSSL FIPS module + Intel SGX framework]. The dilemma is a working version of [main OpenSSL + OpenSSL FIPS module] exists, but this version is not supported by Intel SGX. There also is an existing version of [main OpenSSL + Intel SGX framework], but this version doesn’t have FIPS module support. So in order to satisfy all three, some modifications are required in each of the modules, and that’s quite challenging at the beginning. But we managed to pull it off incredibly successfully!

Another more personal accomplishment is how much I have learned and adapted to in my short time at Treasure. I managed to create the back-end development for our cloud storage product quite well, despite next-to-nothing experience of back-end or web development in general. Whilst I still have much to learn, I’m excited to delve into the scaling and speed performance aspect of our company.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not at work?

I have recently became a parent so spend most of my outside of hours looking at my baby daughter’s face! I also am really interested in reading Japanese manga, exploring the latest reddit threads, and discovering Japanese cover bands on YouTube. Once in a while I will read something heavier, like a statistical learning e-book or some niche programming tutorials to elevate my work!