Your files are precious.

In a world where individuals’ data is often used without meaningful consent, we’re giving users back control. That’s because your privacy is just that: yours, not ours. With client-side encryption, our technology promises that your privacy is never compromised.

Stay Secure

Keep your files secure with client-side encryption.

Stay in Sync

Connect all your other cloud accounts to Treasure’s.

Stay Private

Zero-knowledge so only you have the keys.

Stay Organised

Search through and manage all your cloud accounts in one place.


Treasure is the only platform that lets you connect all your cloud storage accounts in a single place, without compromising your privacy or security.

Multiple Integrations

Connect your cloud accounts so you can manage, share and search through all your files in one place. DropBox, Box, GoogleDrive? Link them up in Treasure!

Client-Side Encryption

Your files are encrypted whether they’re stored, in transit or in use. Only you have control of who can access the files that are precious to you.

Universal Search

Search through and manage all your files in your multiple clouds with Treasure’s enhanced search bar - a one-stop tool to stay on top of your cloud accounts.

Simple & Secure File Sharing

Share files with the peace of mind that only your intended recipient will ever have access. In transit or in use, your files are secure from malicious interference.

Referral Programme

We’re grateful for those who share our passion for security and privacy. For every referral, you and your friend will get 10GB of free storage each!

Opt-in for Zero Knowledge

For an additional layer of security, you can opt in for zero-knowledge. Treasure won’t even store your account’s recovery keys if you forget your password.

The details matter

We are passionate about securing your files and your data – and that’s because we’ve been doing it for years at an enterprise level. Head over to our FAQs and learn how our FIPS 140-2 certified Treasure Vault technology works to secure your files.

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