We’re looking for a Cybersecurity Software Engineer to join our team of experts from a diverse range of backgrounds and specialisms who are passionate about security and privacy, and in making a positive change in the world.  If you’re a team player who shares the same passion and likes to learn new things, we would like to hear from you!

Job Description

As a Cybersecurity Software Engineer on our team, you will have an opportunity to develop cloud applications focusing on security and privacy. You will be collaborating with a small team and will have input in the entire development process through research, design, programming and testing. You will have the freedom to think independently and creatively in the team and make a real impact.  Here are your key responsibilities as a Cybersecurity Software Engineer at Treasure:


  • You’ll build products with a team that’s passionate about quality, simplicity, and security
  • You'll also participate in threat modeling and design reviews to ensure all products and services released follow security best practices
  • You’ll be developing security software that will use trusted execution environments
  • You’ll make proposals for innovative solutions to alleviate security exposures, especially around our application’s use of different cryptographic algorithms
  • You'll be involved in designing application protocols utilizing standard cryptographic algorithms
  • You’ll code primarily in C/C++ and Python

Qualifications/Technical Skills

  • You have a MS or PhD degree in Computer Science or an allied discipline - or the equivalent in independent experience
  • You have at least 4+ years of software development experience
  • You are an expert in C/C++ and systems-level development work (glibc, c++11 and above, STL, makefiles)
  • You are an expert in the practical application/use of different cryptographic algorithms
  • You have a practical experience in developing applications or features for distributed systems and operating systems
  • You have a practical experience with security libraries (trusted execution environments, OpenSSL)
  • You are familiar with cryptographic hardware (TPM, HSM, etc.) or virtualization/storage
  • You are familiar with scripting languages like Bash & Python
  • You are familiar with container technologies (Docker, Kuberentes)
  • You are familiar with common cybersecurity threats & mitigations

Preferred Additional Skills

  • Familiarity with Rust programming language
  • Familiarity with REST frameworks such as Django and Flask
  • Familiarity with message queuing libraries such as ZMQ and RabbitMQ
  • Familiarity with cloud applications deployment (Azure, AWS)
  • Interest in cybersecurity research and development
  • Experience designing, testing and deploying cryptographic tools and key management
  • Knowledge or experience with blockchain/cryptocurrency technology and development
  • Experience with building fraud mitigation, authentication, and authorization systems
  • You're an active contributor to the open source community (e.g. OpenStack, Linux, GCC, etc.)
  • You have a healthy sense of paranoia :-)