If your job requires you to collaborate with external partners or clients, you may notice that everyone has their own preferred cloud storage service. This could be down to personal preference, or because it’s mandated by their organization’s digital security policies.

It can be a minor inconvenience
For you, it means having to create and manage multiple cloud accounts just to share files with those external parties. If you’re anything like us, you may start to feel that keeping track of all those different logins is just annoying and unnecessary – especially if you have plenty of other priorities to juggle.

Treasure can help with that!
If you use Treasure Cloud, you can consolidate all your cloud storage accounts under a single login: one username, one password to access and manage everything.

Link up with all major cloud storage providers
You can link your Treasure account with all the most popular cloud services including Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive. No matter which provider your partner or client prefers, you now need to memorize just your Treasure login details to get into all of them.

Enjoy a zero-knowledge cloud service with every provider
Treasure offers zero-knowledge cloud storage (where all your data is encrypted and not viewable by anyone without your unique encryption key – not even Treasure). This is an important security feature, especially if you’re sharing confidential business data.

Not all cloud providers offer this, but you can upload files with Treasure’s zero-knowledge encryption directly onto any other cloud server. This way, all your files will have Treasure-level protection no matter where you have to share them.

A single view of all data across all your accounts
Treasure provides a central hub from which you can preview all the files across all your cloud accounts. You can also copy, delete or move them around seamlessly in a single window. No need to spend extra time downloading and reuploading just to move files from one account to another.

Never lose track of files again with universal search
One of Treasure’s most powerful features is its universal search capability. Use Treasure’s search bar to locate files across all your cloud accounts quickly and easily. Never again will you have to worry about forgetting which account you uploaded a certain file to.

This insightful little quality-of-life feature is unique to Treasure Cloud and has been designed to save you loads of time and unnecessary effort. And not to mention free up valuable real estate in your brain for more inspiring things than long lists of cloud account passwords!

If you haven’t already, connect with Treasure today and take your productivity up a notch!