Whether freelancing is your side hustle or full-time job, you’ll want to assure your clients that you can deliver professional-quality work that’s on par with your competitors in full-size companies. This means showing them you have the skills, equipment and set-up to create incredible work.

Of course, your portfolio will speak volumes about what you can do. But let’s not discount the credibility and confidence you’ll earn by showing clients you have solid data security to protect the work they paid for – against leaks, mishaps or even cyber attacks. In fact, it may open up new opportunities with clients who require their suppliers to have comprehensive digital security safeguards.

Being a one-man (or -woman) outfit, you’re probably in charge of your own digital security and overall tech support. Unless you have deep knowledge on the subject, it would be easiest for you to get a simple, reliable solution that works directly out of the box with minimal tinkering on your part.


So which data security solution should you choose?

An ideal option for you would be one that offers security comparable to that of enterprise solutions; is low-maintenance and easy to use; and comes at a reasonable price that won’t throw your budget out of whack.

We know that’s quite a list. But you can actually check every item off just by choosing a cloud storage solution with robust digital security – like Treasure Cloud. Let’s take a closer look at what makes it a great option for storing as well as protecting your files.



Every file you share is strictly eyes-only

Treasure has Client-Side Encryption built-in. This means every file you share is protected by the most advanced level of encryption available today: AES 256.

Any file you send to a client will be automatically encrypted. Only the recipient can decrypt and view the file, so there’s no risk of your information falling into the wrong hands en route. Better yet, all this happens invisibly and automatically in the background. You won’t need to change the way you normally send and receive files at all.


No one sees your files without your say-so – not even Treasure!

When we say Client-Side Encryption, we mean it! As a Zero-Knowledge Cloud Service, the files you store and share using Treasure will only be seen by you and anyone you share them with. They can never be accessed or viewed by any uninvited third party – not even by the Treasure team. Your privacy is assured.


You can “fire-and-forget” permissions to access your cloud
When you’re working on multiple projects, Treasure helps you manage clients’ access to the files in your cloud account. You simply need to share a unique password with each client that lets them securely access only the files that are relevant to them. No need to worry about accidental cross-access of files between different clients.

To make things even easier for you, Treasure lets you set expiry dates on clients’ passwords. Their access will be revoked automatically once your project with them is over.



Get one cloud login to rule them all

Different clients may prefer different cloud storage platforms. This means you could end up having to keep track of a whole lot of different cloud logins.

Treasure allows you to consolidate access to all your cloud accounts under a single Treasure login – taking one more item off the list of things you need to manage.

Best of all, Treasure’s Universal Search function lets you search for files across all those platforms at once – making it feel as if you’re only using one cloud account.


If you’re a freelancer, this should give you a better idea of the kinds of features to look out for in a secure data storage solution. Even if you don’t ultimately end up going with Treasure, we hope you find one that helps make your work easier and more secure.

All the best out there. May all your clients be understanding, last-minute amendments minimal and any outstanding payments deposited on time!